iPhone vs. Android

I’m often asked which phone I prefer: Android or iPhone. To be honest, there are things I love about both, and things which drive me nuts about both. I figured the best way to describe them would be to make a list. Because I love lists!

Iphone Android
Feels integrated & More Intuitive – Better UI/UX Feels clunky and awkward. Menus and options are all over the place and not consistant.
Better Camera Shittier Camera – but depends on the phone
Better Text Editor. It’s not great, but it’s better. Really annoying that there’s no decent text editor for Android
Better Mail Client Low quality mail clients which can’t seem to figure out IMAP. I hear the gmail client is better. Surprise
Reasonable battery life ANDROID FIX YOUR FUCKING BATTERY PROBLEMS! My current phone has the same amount of juice as an iphone and it lasts 1/3 the amount of time as an iPhone. And yes I’ve turned everything off.
Not open source Runs the linux!
ITUNES effing sucks I can mount Android as a drive! So easy and logical.
Annoyingly hard to use with Linux See above
no 4g 4g!
How well does it work with Google? Nice integration with Google shit – calendar/contacts/etc. syncing is nice.
Not much room for customization shortcuts and widgets and customization is nice
iphone doesn’t crash as much android does
can you multitask yet? multitasking is easy
does iphone have turn-by-turn driving navigation? driving navigation
One phone. Nice for consistency and auto-updates. Different phones (and bad quality control). Many phones don’t get updated. And as an end user, you can’t update without rooting? Lame.
Not many apps you can’t get rid of SO MUCH bloatware
Have to plug in (with EFFING ITUNES!) to sync contacts. (Is this still true?) Syncs contacts and shit via the air! Like magic!

Shitty about both:

  • Carrier lockdown
  • Expensive plans with two year contracts
  • You can’t have full control over your phone without unlocking/jailbreaking/rooting/whatever.

Some of this info may be wrong – I had a first gen iPhone so it’s been awhile since I used it full time. Any comments are welcome. I’m thinking about switching back to iPhone.

5 Responses to iPhone vs. Android

  1. AJ says:

    iPhone answers:

    * iPhone Calendar / Contact / Mail autosyncing is great with the google: http://www.google.com/mobile/sync/

    * I think iOS has crashed on me once a year. Maybe less.

    * iPhone has multitasking but is only really enabled for Apple apps, other apps can run in the background but they try to limit what they do as much as possible, or coordinate it so they all update at once with one system gps ping instead of each hitting the gps. You can mess with this with a jailbreak. But this is all to address your battery rant.

    * iPhone turn-by-turn: For free? Map Quest. :/ it works. For Pay: Tom Tom. Winner: Android.

    * Syncing: iOS 5 has wireless app/book/media syncing (with iTunes). As mentioned above, if you use Google, Exchange, or iCloud your contacts / calendar / mail are autosynced all the time with your upstream provider.

  2. AJ says:

    Another important point is Linux and iTunes. Things may have changed, but in 2008 I found the iPhone really hard to sync without dual booting my Macbook Pro. Eventually so much so that I just switched to OS X, like many other valley software devs did in 2007, curmudgeonly holdout that I am. Yeah, it was the phone that did it. But I’m glad I did. OS X is prettier and in general less of a hassle than Ubuntu of 2008. Homebrew gets me all the tools I need. Time Machine is a life and time saver and many other reasons.

    But this is something to really think about or read about before you get the iPhone v6 (“The New iPhone?”). You may actually end up running OS X on your Macbook Pro, like i did.

    • cee says:

      I do run osx on my macbook – I haven’t run linux on my apple laptops for a long time… like maybe 10 years even. I do still have a desktop which is my primary computer though, and that’s where I run ubuntu. I can always just sync the phone with the laptop, then move the data over to the desktop.

      Any rumors on when the iphone’s coming out?

  3. Adam says:

    I can agree on some points but as Cee knows I’m not an Apple fan at all.

    I’ve owed both an Iphone (way back in the 2g days) and now running an Android (EVO 4G).

    Two problems that annoy me with Android:
    ~ Crashes more then I like (about once a month for me)
    ~ Battery life sucks. It sucks bad!

    Biggest problems I have with Iphone
    ~ Itunes is the most annoying piece of software ever! Ever! Try to update it and it has to download the full software completely over again. Try to connect to different Itunes on different computers and it’s a hassle if it’s not 100% properly setup and authorized for that computer (only up to 10 devices). Really, Apple do I want Itunes to remove all my apps, music and everything since I forgot to check something or some random ass setting. And yes, I’ve seen it so many times myself and with others.
    ~ I’ve had and still see clients / friends have the most incredibly sloooooow backup times. It’s insanely slow (2-3 hours or more!!) and when you look for resolutions there’s millions of things that could be causing it.
    ~ As you pointed out why can’t I use it as a disk drive? Oh yeah, Itunes again!
    ~ Apple is 100% proprietary and that scares me.
    ~ I know there’s HTML5 and all but still the lack of flash blows – it may kill my battery life, not meant to be used for touch, and all that jazz but at least I have the option to view flash or not. My choice, not Apples!
    ~ After using an Android phone with a big screen that Iphone screen is tiny. Rumor is iphone5 will have larger screen though.
    ~ No 4G yet. Right now, I usually turn off 4G to save battery life on day to day basis but if I go to tether it to a laptop or computer (I’m doing the sketchiness to change my IP address for a few random reasons) it’s nice to have fast internet on my other devices. Does the iphone even allow for FREE tethering yet? Doesn’t really matter I guess since all but Sprint charge for extra data…. Verizon is stopping free unlimited data for grandfathered accounts soon too :(

    As AJ stated he/she changed operating systems just for the phone to work better. No way! I shouldn’t have to change to an Apple operating system to just have a better experience on with my phone…

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