Google Translate Gets Thai Language

I just noticed today that Google Translate has started supporting Thai translations. I’ve been checking back frequently – I use this service to translate pretty much every other language. I’m excited to see if it’s better than the and bulk lookup tools.

go check it out

If the results seem a bit odd – try checking back in a few months. I noticed the other languages improved over time. Or you can help them by suggesting a better translation.

2 Responses to Google Translate Gets Thai Language

  1. AJ Slater says:

    Its because google switched over to pure heuristics. Not a rule based system. So the more thai->english translation texts it reads the better it gets, up to a point.

    So it may get better as time goes on. This just means they think it got good enough to show people.

  2. donna webster says:

    Heuristics! Of. Course!!

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