My Frogs

My Frogs

My pet frogs. Aren't they cute?

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8 Responses to My Frogs

  1. Cel Mizcroft says:

    yeah they’re cute, reminds me of my gecko who hanged-out before in my porch but nowhere to find now. how big are these frogs now? why not try kissing them? :)

  2. Tabatha T. says:

    Awww!! ilove frogs! These are very cute!!

  3. Anni says:

    What kinna frog are they SO CUTE!!

  4. chantelle says:

    i think your frogs are well cute i want some frogs myself so this had made me want them more were did you get your frogs from ?

  5. joshua says:

    what kind of frog is it

  6. Brody says:

    Please tell me what kind of frog it is. I have one and i need to know what kind it is.

  7. cee says:

    they are oriental fire belly toads. (bombina orientalis)

    they are mildly poisonous (not harmful to humans), but their poison builds up in their tank so if you do have them, make sure you either filter the water or change their tank water every few days.

    you can feed them frozen blood worms. mine ate from my hand and were super tame. you can use long tweezers if you dont want to get your hands dirty.

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