The drive through Colorado was very beautiful. The mountains are huge, and being at that high of an elevation is exciting. It’s fun to drive to the top of a mountain and back down again. It’s also neat to be able to look over the side of the road and see a valley a half mile below!

Once we reached Denver our drive started to suck. See, Denver’s at the base of the Rockies, so once we got there, it was pretty much flat from there on. About an hour later we were in boring flat corn and wheat fields. That lasted until tonight.

We stopped somewhere in Kansas for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The owner was so freaked out by us asking for tea and chopsticks, that he asked us where we were from. It was strange, when I later asked him where he was from, he told me Washington. I pressed, recognizing the fact that he was speaking Mandarin to one of the employees. I said, “What part of Washington?” He replied with “Northern Washington, but not Seattle.” I said, “Oh, near Vancouver, BC?” and he said, “Yes, in Vancouver.” I was so shocked that he was afraid to say that he lived in Canada, that I didn’t even bother to ask what part of China he was from. Yikes! What would make this nice family from China move to the middle of nowhere, Kansas? I can’t imagine what prejudices they’ve had to put up with to be afraid to say where they were from.

Anyway, we got the heck out of there as quickly as possible and camped overnight about 30 minutes from the border between Kansas and Missouri. There were a million cool bugs at the campsite, ranging from huge cicadas, crazy spiders with round pill-like bodies, huge grasshoppers the size of my hand and a ton of other random bugs. We took outside showers amongst the bugs and went to sleep. I awoke at about 4am and saw a huge deer grazing a few feet away from the tent.

Today we drove and drove and drove. More corn and wheat and corn and wheat and corn and cows. Did I mention the corn?

We’re now in Illinois. Or is it Indiana? No, definitely Illinois. We should be home tomorrow or the next day. I’ll add more photos when I get home!

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