Zion and the Grand Canyon

We left Nevada, and drove to Arizona, then into Utah. We stopped at a small town, St. George, and had some Mexican food. We felt that we had entered Mormon country as soon as we got into the restaurant. Everyone was very friendly, cleanly dressed, and white. It seems like they spend more time on appearance than others… for they all seemed very well kept, and very few were overweight. The Mexican food we ate was excellent.

We continued on to Zion National Park, and set up camp there. We then hung out for the rest of the day in the canyon valley and then went to sleep. The next morning we took the park tour on the bus. Zion has started a bus service around the canyon, to lower the traffic and pollution, and it seems to be very efficient. We stopped at the last stop on the bus, and took a walk for a few miles up a trail and down the river, at the bottom of a narrow canyon. The trail itself was the river, and it was very interesting to walk down. There were many other people on the trail, and it was clear who has good balance and who doesn’t.

After Zion, we drove south to Arizona to see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon has two viewing points, only 10 miles across from each other, but over 4 hours of driving distance between them. We’ve had different suggestions as to which is the best to view the canyon (about equal for both sides), but the guidebook’s mention of the North Rim’s 90% less visitors than the South’s, and the less driving was a good reason for us. We crossed the desert and into the mountains, with tons of Ponderosa Pines, and much much cooler. We reached the canyon around an hour before sunset, perfect for viewing. The light was beautiful, as the sun was setting, the colors changed and the tips of the peaks were glowing. We drove about 20 miles away to camp high up in the forest, where it was cold! (A welcome relief from the heat).

Today we spent the day checking out the Navajo reservation, and trying to see this tiny canyon called Antelope. Unfortunately, they wanted to charge us $60 to see the canyon, and we didn’t have enough money so we decided against going. It was too bad too, because I’ve seen some beautiful photos of that canyon, and really wanted to try my luck at getting a nice photograph. I did get to hear some Navajo language spoken, and that was very cool. Hopefully I can go back someday.

We left Arizona and are now back in Utah again. We’re driving north to Bryce Canyon now, with about 2 hours of light left.

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