Seattle and Redmond

We spent the day yesterday in downtown Seattle, checking out the aquarium and waterfront area. I have fond memories of the aquarium from a visit to the area in my early teens, and wanted to see it again and bring Katie along. The aquarium is unique in that you can touch many things, from starfish to sea anemonies. I always like to touch stuff like that, and Katie did too.

We stopped so Pippin could have some fish and chips. Katie was a bit afraid to try them, and offered up a “I’m not hungry” protest. We bought her some anyway, and the “not hungry” Katie inhaled the entire order. We had fun feeding the seagulls the chips. Today she suggested we drive back into Seattle for some more fried fish.

We checked out the gay district, which was pretty small, but cute. It seems like the people in Seattle are very young, and kind of suburban. There’s no “edge” here.

Today we had breakfast at a local restaurant, and went to Pippin’s stepfather’s house to swim in his pool. Pippin’s stepfather works for Microsoft, hence the Redmond address. This ensures lively Linux conversations at the dinner table.

Tomorrow we will make our way down to Portland, and check out the cool stuff in Oregon. We have a huge list of what’s cool there, and we’ll see how much we can squeeze into the limited time we have.

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