Bald Eagle

Today we spent the majority of the day at the cabin, lighting off fireworks and shooting guns. (yee haw). I saw my first Bald Eagle today, which was very cool. It was sitting on a tree, right outside the window of the cabin. When we walked out the door, it flew across the lake. I got a good look at it through the binoculars. What a cool bird! It flew away, and we got to see how impressive the wings are. A few minutes later two osprey flew over the lake — I figured out what they were by looking at the bird book at the cabin.

We went to the county fair in the evening. We checked out the animals in cages, the horses, and the petting zoo. We then got Katie an all-access arm band and she rode on a ton of the rides. We had fun screaming at her whenever she’d go by. I think this might have embarrassed her a bit. :)

Karl woke us up right after we had fallen asleep to see the Northern Lights. They were really bright in the sky, flashing and licking up like flames. I’ve never seen them before, and it was really amazing. We stood at the end of the dock until we froze watching them. And to top it off, there was a bit of a meteor shower, so we got to see a few bright streaks across the sky. I think seeing the night sky like this was one of my main drives to take this trip. I remember seeing the big bright sky while in Colorado when I was younger, and actually seeing the Milky Way for the first time. The sky here is so much nicer than in the Northeast.

I really enjoyed the whole sauna-lake-sauna-lake-sauna-lake events.. and I think I’ll miss that a lot. My skin feels so soft and smooth, I don’t think it’s ever felt so nice. I wish I could have a lake and sauna in NY. Or maybe just a cabin in the woods in Minnesota

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