Hibbing, MN

We’re up in Northern Minnesota now, hanging out at Karl’s family’s cabin. They have a house in downtown Hibbing, and this cabin is about 30 minutes away, on their own lake. They own most of the land around, and it’s very remote. The stars are very visible here, and apparently you can see the Northern Lights sometimes.

Their lake is full of life. There are frogs and fish and lily pads everywhere. I saw a turtle jump off a log while canoeing, and the water is so clear you can see the fish.

We’re lighting the fireworks that we bought in Illinois off the dock at the moment. The dog is going nuts, and we had to lock him in the cabin.

Karl’s family is originally from Finland, and they are very into their sauna. (Pronounced “sow-nah” here, not “saw-nuh”.) Last night we spent about two hours jumping from the sauna into the lake, then back into the sauna again. You spend about 10 minutes in the sauna, at about 170 degrees, dumping water onto the coals. When you feel like you’re about to pass out, you run out of the sauna, across the yard, and jump off the dock into the lake. When you feel cold (The water is warm), you then go back into the sauna again. Tonight we will go out again. It’s fun to swim in the dark.

karl’s family’s lake.

katie with one of the frogs she caught

I haven’t updated in a few days, because those days were pretty boring. They pretty much consisted of us driving out here, with a two hour stop in Niagra Falls. We left my dad’s place around 11am on the 27th, and drove straight out rt. 90. We got to Niagra Falls around 6pm, and checked them out. We went across the Rainbow Bridge into Canada to get a good view of the falls.

After we left Niagra, we continued to drive west on 90. We figured we’d stop in Pennsylvania and camp overnight. We continued to drive, and managed to hit Ohio before getting tired. We searched for a campground, found one, and it was closed. We were very close to Cleveland, and it was pretty populated. By the time we passed Cleveland, we were so tired that we stayed at a hotel instead of bothering to look for a camp. We left early in the morning on the 28th, and drove through Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, stopping once to pick up fireworks in Illinois.

ohio. or maybe pennsylvania. or it could have been indiana.

katie at the fireworks store.


We made it to Wisconsin that day, and stopped in Madison for dinner. We ate some yummy burritos and had some coffee that was full of a *lot* of caffeine. We made it to the Black River Forest or something that night and camped in a state forest campground. The site was really nice, and in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, I was so wired from the coffee that I didn’t sleep at all, which kinda sucked. But it was nice anyway. I watched the sun come up, and slowly fill the forest with light. When I got out of the tent, after the sun had risen, a pair of rabbits hopped away from where they were sitting, a few feet from the tent. When we left, steam was rising from the lake nearby, and it was really beautiful with the early morning sun.

madison, wisconsin

the lake in the morning.

We drove on until we reached Hibbing, at around noon. We spent the day and night at the cabin at the lake. We made some Thai food for dinner, and a ton of people came over.

hibbing, minnesota

lightning from karl’s cabin

It’s very nice and peaceful here, a great place for a summer home. The people are incredibly friendly too.

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